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Since 2010, we have been empowering innovators to change the world.

Startupbootcamp helps the world's most promising startups build a sustainable global business, our multi-faceted accelerators combine deep industry expertise with extensive insights from the startup ecosystem.

We were one of the first European acceleration platforms, and now operate across 4 continents with over 80 startup accelerators.

We believe the future belongs to those who solve the world’s biggest problems.

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Our ambition

100.000 startups to save the world
We don’t want to be anecdotal, we want to put a dent in the universe, we want to start a chain reaction.

We commissioned an analysis with the question “How many sustainability startups does the world need to produce in order to solve the most pressing sustainable development goals?” It will take 100.000 startups to reach the UN's SDGs before 2030.There are 100,000 entrepreneurs in this world who are going to be leading the change into a new era of sustainability. Startupbootcamp here to invest and support all of them in shaping the future of the world.

About Startupbootcamp

We are a global family of industry-focused accelerators.

We support early-stage tech-founders and rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.

We support founders grow in any possible way and to facilitate collaboration between growth-stage companies and established players; so that one can scale their disruptive technologies while the other can innovate fast and remain competitive.

Leadership Team

Kauan von Novack
Commerce Amsterdam, FinTech & CyberSecurity Amsterdam, Media Amsterdam, Smart City & IoT Amsterdam, Startupbootcamp Board
Carsten Kølbek
FinTech London, FinTech Mexico City, FinTech Mumbai, FinTech New York, FinTech Singapore, InsurTech London, Scale FinTech Mexico City, Startupbootcamp Board
Alex Farcet
Berlin, Digital Health Berlin, Digital Health Miami, Smart Transportation & Energy Berlin, Startupbootcamp Board
Fleur Engelberts
Sustainability, Renewable Energy & Net-Zero, ImpactCity Accelerator, Shell StartUp Engine
Alceo Rapagna
FashionTech Milan, Fin+Tech Milan, ItalianTech, Startupbootcamp Board, WeSportUp
Anna Barlow
Food Innovation Partner, FoodTech Tasmania
Trevor Townsend
Energy Australia, Energy TechHub Melbourne, FinTech Melbourne, Sport & EventTech Melbourne
Richard Chelm
Energy TechHub Melbourne, FinTech Melbourne, Sport & EventTech Melbourne, Startupbootcamp Australia
Philip Kiracofe
AfriTech, AfriTech ASIP
Beth Henderson
Singapore Lead, Shell StartUp Engine
Oliver Howard
Sport & EventTech Melbourne
Abe Seksek
FinTech Cairo, FinTech Dubai, Smart City Dubai
Mercedes de Miranda
Momentum, Shell StartUp Engine Social Impact
Nazzareno Mengoni
FashionTech Milan, Fin+Tech Milan, WeSportUp
Fermin Bueno
SBC Fintech Mexico, SBC Scale Fintech Mexico City
Andres Fontao
SBC Fintech Mexico, SBC Scale Fintech Mexico City
Stuart Allinson
Energy Transition Partner, EnergyNext

Global startups,
global footprint

Since 2010, SBC has run over 150 accelerators in 20+ counties. We exist to ensure founders reach unparalleled potential, just like we keep doing for our existing 1600+ portfolio companies.

This is done by helping them to scale their network, providing access to capital, and preventing avoidable mistakes - allowing them to reach in the 3-months accelerator what they would only achieve in 2+ years.


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