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In our 3-month accelerator, you'll accomplish what would typically take 2 years on your own. Startups consistently see a 2.5x increase in valuation following the accelerator and, on average, raise €1.5m within 6-12 months of joining us. With SBC, you'll expand your network, gain access to capital, and sidestep common pitfalls, setting your venture on the fast track to success.

Founder Testimonials

Andrew Chong

“We were only a team of founders when we joined Startupbootcamp’s accelerator, and we have since raised a round of funding, secured a grant, and have made considerable traction in both product and market-fit. However to be clear, the traction we gained wasn't giftwrapped to us by Startupbootcamp, that isn't their role."

Federico Roviglioni

“I had the pleasure of participating in the Mobility and Transportation accelerator, which helped my team and I improve our value proposition and find the perfect product-market-fit. Thanks to the global network of clients, partners, and investors with whom we got in touch, we were able to expand our international network."

Atelier Riforma

"We have been selected for Startupbootcamp FashionTech program in the cohort 2021-2022. It is a program that stands out from many others, due to the large network it has, that gathers fashion companies, top-level mentors, innovative startups and investors focused on this sector."

Daniel Barber

“I expected to learn about brand positioning and pitching to investors, but hadn’t appreciated the machine behind Startupbootcamp and the depth of knowledge available to me. We covered a vast range of items that touch on every aspect of running and growing a business. I’d say that over 90% of the program content was directly relevant to my business and even at times was curated for me."

Dr. Anna Wright

“We really enjoyed our experience at Startupbootcamp. The program did for us what they said that they were going to do - we learned a lot, made fantastic connections, found new customers and accessed capital. Overall a great experience from a great team.”

Tiago Costa

“Startupbootcamp gave FullVenue the foundations we needed to become a scalable, wealthy and attractive company. By surrounding us with a great and powerful partner network we had the opportunity to focus on pitching, raising money, closing deals, and finding new business. It was crystal clear to everyone around us that we as a team had grown significantly by the end of the program.”

Daniel Sand

“We loved everything about Startupbootcamp’s accelerator program. It helped us kick-start our journey — both professionally and personally. We still leverage learnings from the program years later; we do pre-mediation 4 times a year, and we still test all our ideas based upon the lean methodology before spending resources on it.”

Jon Knight

"I feel a foot taller as an entrepreneur, I learnt things I didn't even realise I needed"

Charlie Casey

“Startupbootcamp proved invaluable. They have an amazing network and connected us with every investor in our seed round.”

Jon Chapman
Head of Commercial

“Startupbootcamp really dialled-up our readiness for growth. The program delivered the resources and intense focus we needed to refine crucial parts of our startup’s exciting next phase.”

Bob Weihai He

“Startupbootcamp has proven to be an exceptional program to help us to take first steps in launching our startups. The team has been extremely supportive to help us to validate our ideas, as well as to develop our pitching skills”

Ezgi Kaplan
EUTO Energy

"Participating in Startupbootcamp's Accelerator program was an incredible experience for us. We found the directors, mentors, and advisors to be incredibly helpful in shaping our growth strategies and working towards our business's success."

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By joining a Startupbootcamp Accelerator, you enter an exclusive circle, becoming part of the 1-2% of startups selected annually from thousands of aspirants.

Each accelerator round, we handpick 10 innovative startups for our intensive three-month program. As a participant, founders benefit from hands-on support by seasoned entrepreneurs and domain experts.

Additionally, you'll have the chance to tap into an expansive international network, secure funding, and receive specialized guidance tailored for global scaling and expansion.

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Since 2010, SBC has run over 150 accelerators in 20+ counties. We exist to ensure founders reach unparalleled potential, just like we keep doing for our existing 1600+ portfolio companies.

This is done by helping them to scale their network, providing access to capital, and preventing avoidable mistakes - allowing them to reach in the 3-months accelerator what they would only achieve in 2+ years.