Alliander, in partnership with Startupbootcamp, is excited to announce the selection of ten promising startups for Powered; Alliander’s startup collaboration program for the energy system ...

Alliander, in partnership with Startupbootcamp, is excited to announce the selection of ten promising startups for Powered; Alliander’s startup collaboration program for the energy system in transition. 

The energy transition is accelerating, demanding new approaches and technologies to ensure resilience and sustainability. Alliander, the parent company of Liander, is a Dutch DSO that develops and operates energy networks. Alliander recognizes the critical need for innovative solutions and strong partnerships to address the challenges and seize opportunities that can significantly advance the energy sector. The Powered program is fundamental to developing new technologies and strategies that will enhance the Dutch energy system and meet the evolving demands of both society and the environment.

More About Powered

The Powered program is centered around collaboration and offers comprehensive support to selected startups, including the development of Proof of Concepts (PoCs), mentorship from industry experts, and opportunities to expand their network and connect with potential investors. The ambition is to scale the PoCs into impactful solutions that will shape the future of the energy system in the Netherlands. 

"Maximising the utilization of our existing electricity grid requires a fundamentally different approach when it comes to our processes and services. We need to innovate and this is why we’ve established our Powered startup program, whereby we’ll actively collaborate with startups and scale-ups to drive this forward.” - Daan Schut, Chief Transition Officer at Alliander

For this program, the focus is on making better use of the available capacity in existing electricity grids. There are three key domains that we have focused upon; 1) Dynamic Customer Demand Forecasting, 2) Enabling Energy Hubs, and 3) Real-time Grid Monitoring. 

Startup selection

Over the last two months, startups across Europe applied for a chance to participate in this program. We hosted FastTrack events in five major cities across Europe and welcomed hundreds of startup applications. We are proud to announce that ten startups have been selected to join Alliander's startup program Powered. Hereunder is an overview of the selected startups per domain:

Domain 1 - Dynamic Customer Demand Forecasting

Nectaware - Nectaware's mission is to develop ad-hoc artificial intelligence solutions dedicated to forecasting electricity demand and PV generation that are easily accessible and compatible with other platforms. 

Tilt energy - Tilt is building a demand-side management platform which includes forecasting of demand and flexibility, VPP setup and operation as well as Demand response participation. 

Ogre AI - Ogre AI is specialized in forecasting for utility companies. With their proprietary AI and ML algorithms developed by leading mathematicians and forecasters, they provide professional services through a fully automated platform that solves key forecasting challenges. 


Domain 2 - Enabling Energy Hubs

Advanced Infrastructure - AI’s solution is an Enterprise SaaS spatial analytics platform that reduces the cost of siting and operating low-carbon infrastructure. 

Civitas - An innovative all-in-one platform that manages all stages of energy communities and local energy systems based on blockchain technology.

Skoon - Skoon supports the electricity grid using mobile batteries and generators, enabling businesses to transition to clean energy even in congested areas. Their online marketplace for clean mobile energy and intelligent analytics tools optimize energy setups for cost efficiency and sustainability.


Domain 3 - Real-time Grid Monitoring

PhotonPath - PhotonPath provides a fully programmable Integrated Photonics Chipset providing all-optical data acquisition, transmission and processing at the speed of light.

Zaphiro Technologies - Fault detection and location, incipient fault detection allowing preventive maintenance as well as State estimation allowing load forecasting and asset investment planning.

Gridhound GmbH - Gridhound solves grid observability by providing an AI-based state estimation approach for medium and low-voltage electrical power grids that only require a minimum amount of electrical measurements.

Energiot - Energiot provides an end-to-end IoT solution with self-powered sensors and AI platform for 24/7 intelligent monitoring of the power grid.

About Alliander

Alliander develops and operates energy networks. Through our cables and pipes, over three million Dutch households and companies are supplied with electricity, gas and heating. We operate a 90,000km electricity grid and a 40,000km gas network, and we take great pride in our networks being among the world’s most reliable. Our 8,000 colleagues make sure the lights are on, homes are heated and businesses can keep operating. The energy transition is in full swing and we are shaping the future energy system of the Netherlands. Alliander stands for an energy supply that gives everyone equal access to reliable, affordable and renewable energy.


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