• Hadi Gaafar

    Hadi Gaafar is huge impacter with over 5 years of

  • Joost Bergen

    I am a broadly oriented senior finance professional raised as

  • Thyra Hartmann

    Thyra Hartmann is passioned about startup companies and emerging markets.

  • Philippine Rietveld

    Philippine Rietveld grew up in Rotterdam, is a student and

  • Sara El-Sayeh

    Having studied economics at Cairo University, I joined the General

  • Mohamed Elmahdy

    Mohamed Elmahdy is life long programs and startups developer. Mohamed’s

  • Ahmed Elsherif

    Ahmed is a Design-Led entrepreneurial practitioner with over 9 years

  • Manjit Rana

    Manjit is an Insurance Innovation & InsurTech expert and a

  • Shady Badr

  • Leen Nabulsi

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