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Help us select the startups using our new (web) app Matching Stars! You can indicate which startups you think should be in the accelerator by giving them a thumbs up. If you are not sure, you can also say so. Just log in and you will be able to see all the startups and vote.

There are many parameters on which we assess the startups during the selection process, you can take those into account while voting and when watching the pitches..The two main criteria are

1. Team - e.g. team composition, tech and business knowledge, entrepreneurial experience and coachability.

2. Business opportunity - e.g. clarity of problem and solution, business model, market opportunity, clarity of pitch.

Matching Stars

Startupbootcamp Selection Days

From mentors, partners, industry experts to investors and corporates - everything is tailored so that we can give you as much value as possible.Each one of our 3-months accelerators is industry-focused, allowing startups to gain access to the most relevant knowledge, connections and opportunities in their fields.

Help us choose the startup for our 3 coming programs

This week at Startupbootcamp, we are selecting outstanding startups from around the world for the three accelerators that start this summer. It is going to be an exciting week where many startups will pitch every day and you will be able to ask questions.

And we need you! Please ask the startups all the questions you have. You can also indicate whether you think a startup should be invited to the accelerator or not via our Matching Stars app. During the final selection in the selection committee, we will take the input from all of you into account.

MONDAY 12TH OF February

Renewable Energy & Net-Zero

TUESDAY 13TH OF February

Inclusive FinTech & DeFi


Inclusive FinTech & DeFi

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