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Startupbootcamp and our portfolio of 1600 startups

Founded in 2010 by a team of serial entrepreneurs that understood the challenges of growing a business and decided to help other founders succeed. Startupbootcamp is Europe's largest accelerator, nurturing over 1600 startups in various industries. Our programs are built on successful Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and supported by the New Horizon Fund that have attracted substantial investments towards our startups.

• 1600 startups
• 74% of our Startup Alumni are still active 4 years after the program
• 72% of startups that graduated get funded within 6 months
• In average, our startups get 1,1 M Euros of funding within 6 months

In the FinTech & InsureTech industry

Accelerator programs

We have run 30+ FinTech related accelerator programs around the World: Amsterdam, New Mexico, Italy, Australia, South Africa, and more. Supporting the Growth of 400+ Fintech related startups.

Currently in the portfolio

Kuda bank (South Africa)
Scylia (Amsterdam)
Matter (Amsterdam)
Curacel (South Africa)
Laka (London)
Bits of Stock (Amsterdam)
SendCloud (Amsterdam)

Successful Exists

Relayr (Amsterdam)
24 Sessions (Amsterdam)
Guy Van Neck Founder of Mobier


We Take Corporates to the Next Level.

We help organizations of all sizes and industries achieve breakthrough innovations and create sustainable growth. 

We strive to empower our clients with the tools, strategies, and mindset needed to transform their businesses and industries, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices from around the globe

Industry-specific startup accelerators, available globally. Designed by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

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Jon Chapman
Head of Commercial

“Startupbootcamp really dialled-up our readiness for growth. The program delivered the resources and intense focus we needed to refine crucial parts of our startup’s exciting next phase.”

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Jon Knight

"I feel a foot taller as an entrepreneur, I learnt things I didn't even realise I needed"

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Andrew Chong

“We were only a team of founders when we joined Startupbootcamp’s accelerator, and we have since raised a round of funding, secured a grant, and have made considerable traction in both product and market-fit. However to be clear, the traction we gained wasn't giftwrapped to us by Startupbootcamp, that isn't their role."

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Atelier Riforma

"We have been selected for Startupbootcamp FashionTech program in the cohort 2021-2022. It is a program that stands out from many others, due to the large network it has, that gathers fashion companies, top-level mentors, innovative startups and investors focused on this sector."

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Daniel Barber

“I expected to learn about brand positioning and pitching to investors, but hadn’t appreciated the machine behind Startupbootcamp and the depth of knowledge available to me. We covered a vast range of items that touch on every aspect of running and growing a business. I’d say that over 90% of the program content was directly relevant to my business and even at times was curated for me."

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Dr. Anna Wright

“We really enjoyed our experience at Startupbootcamp. The program did for us what they said that they were going to do - we learned a lot, made fantastic connections, found new customers and accessed capital. Overall a great experience from a great team.”

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Bob Weihai He

“Startupbootcamp has proven to be an exceptional program to help us to take first steps in launching our startups. The team has been extremely supportive to help us to validate our ideas, as well as to develop our pitching skills”

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Charlie Casey

“Startupbootcamp proved invaluable. They have an amazing network and connected us with every investor in our seed round.”

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Ezgi Kaplan
EUTO Energy

"Participating in Startupbootcamp's Accelerator program was an incredible experience for us. We found the directors, mentors, and advisors to be incredibly helpful in shaping our growth strategies and working towards our business's success."

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Tiago Costa

“Startupbootcamp gave FullVenue the foundations we needed to become a scalable, wealthy and attractive company. By surrounding us with a great and powerful partner network we had the opportunity to focus on pitching, raising money, closing deals, and finding new business. It was crystal clear to everyone around us that we as a team had grown significantly by the end of the program.”

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Daniel Sand

“We loved everything about Startupbootcamp’s accelerator program. It helped us kick-start our journey — both professionally and personally. We still leverage learnings from the program years later; we do pre-mediation 4 times a year, and we still test all our ideas based upon the lean methodology before spending resources on it.”

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Federico Roviglioni

“I had the pleasure of participating in the Mobility and Transportation accelerator, which helped my team and I improve our value proposition and find the perfect product-market-fit. Thanks to the global network of clients, partners, and investors with whom we got in touch, we were able to expand our international network."

The selection process

1st - Video Call with the Scouting Team
Introduction call to understand your business, check if your solution fits our portfólio and guide you through the accelerator and its selection process.
2nd - Video Call with the Program Director
The program director is responsible for the accelerator program from the selection of the startups until the end of the accelerator. During this call, you will pitch your business, discuss your goals, your traction and the benefits of the accelerator. We like to meet more than one founder during this call. Startups are made of people and we love to get to know the founders that work hard every day to grow their business.
3rd - Profile on Matching Starts and Terms

You will be asked to fill in your profile on matching starts, get all the founders to answer a personality test and certify that you understand the Terms and Conditions of the accelerator program before your presentation to the Investment Committee.

4rd - Initial Investment Committee Review

The investment community is a group of people composed of the program director, the managing director of startupbootcamp, the legal advisor, the tech expert, the portfolio manager and the investor relations director. During this call we want to see all the founders team, you will pitch to the Investment Committee and answer their questions regarding the team, traction, tech, legal, financials, etc.

5th - Pre Program & Due Diligences

During a period of 2 to 5 weeks, our team will run some diligences on legal, tech and team. You probably will be asked to send over some extra documentation and meet some extra people in our team.At the same time, we will run a pre-program with the basics of startup life.

6th - Final Investment Committee Review

The final call will be with the Managing director of Startupbootcamp and the Program Director of the Accelerator. During this call we will clarify some questions that arise from the Pre Program & Due Diligences. After this call we will communicate

7th - Announcement

The official announcement will happen in February, but if you pass through all the steps of the Selection process your chances are very high.


The Accelerator Program

After the pre-program with the basics of startup life we will start the accelerator at the beginning of March and run it until May/Jun.

Our accelerator runs hybrid, all the sessions with the team, facilitators, coaches, exports and mentors run online. And there are 2 mandatory weeks happening physically in Amsterdam (one week at the beginning and one at the end of the accelerator).

During these months we will focus on your commercial acceleration to grow your traction and on your investment acceleration making sure you are investor ready and introducing your startup to our network of investors (angels, syndicates and Venture Capital) and to our  New Horizons Fund.

Sales coach/ commercial

De-risk your startup and investor readiness

Access our investor network and our New Horizons follow-up fund

International network of mentors

Get exposure and the Startupbbotcamp validation stamp

Internationalization support

Services & Discounts worthof 500k

Life cycle support

Accelerator timeline

Accelerator kick-off

4th of March (Online)

Mentors week in Amsterdam

11th of March until the 15th of March (Physical in Amsterdam)

Sessions (Online)
Investors Roadshows

For EU startups: 23rd April to 25th
of April (Physical in Amsterdam)
Rest of world: TBA

Final event in Amsterdam

30th of May (Physical in Amsterdam)

Program Overview

The program is structured around two main goals: Commercial Acceleration and Investor Acceleration. To achieve these 2 main objectives, we offer the startups different workshops, individual sessions with the team and experts, introductions to our network of mentors, partners and investors and to tools to bring your story to life (pitching for potential clients/partners or investors).

1 For each topic

We want to introduce to you, we have a standard approach which is as follows:

• You should watch the related content videos on the online platform
• After that the expert(s) of the topic will dive deeper into the topic in the form of workshops/ masterclasses. They will also get you ready for the one-on-one sessions with them.
• One-on-one sessions with the expert(s) for personalized support.
• Weekly Individual meeting with either your Program Director or an industry expert

2 When it comes to the introductions to our network

At the beginning of the acceleration program we focus on introducing you to the mentors and partners in our network and during the last month of the program we will introduce you to investors (angels and VCs).

The program helps to start creating a network and we will offer a platform to meet relevant people and to connect with them.

3 At the end of the program

We will make sure you are able to bring your story to life pitching for potential clients/partners or investors and you will have prepare deliverables that will support your growth:

• Elevator pitch for investors
• 3 min pitch for investors
• Investor deck to send to investors
• Sales FunnelLoI/ Sales contract
• PoC structure and contract
• Termsheets
• One pager for investors
• One pager for clients/partners
• Commercial deck

Check a more detailed overview


Commercial Readiness

Commercial Readiness


• Business Model Canvas
• Go to Market
• Market-Product Fit
• Experimental Design
• Customer Development
• Impact Measurement
• Sales Fundamental
• Funnel Building
• Corporate Startup Collaboration
• Sales Negotiation

• Fundraising principles
• Investor Deck
• Financial Modeling
• Investor Role Play
• Impact Measurement
• Tearm Sheets
• Valuation
• Stakeholder management


• Clear Customer Profile
• Go to market Strategy
• Sales Funnel
• Commercial Deck

• Investors Funnel
• Investor Deck
• Financial Model

Terms and conditions

To have access to all this capabilities and network, here are the terms and conditions

Program Agreement Letter (PAL)

It needs to be signed before you present your startup to the investment committee). It states that you and all the founding team are aware of the most important terms and conditions of the program and that in case of selection you will sign the Shareholders Agreement.

Learn More

Shareholders Agreement (SHA)

I’s the contract that you (all the founders) and your major investors will need to sign when starting the program

Learn More


What is the StartUpbootcamp Accelerator Program?

The Startupbootcamp Accelerator Program is an acceleration programme that supports impact related startups which address the 2030 SDGs . This program helps startups develop capabilities in shaping, building and selling their products. Startups will learn how to be commercially ready, investor ready and in the end bring their story to life.

Where will the programme take place?

The programme will be run in a hybrid setting in Amsterdam with the opportunity to attend physical investor and partner  events  as well as  networking events from week to week. You are not required to move to Amsterdam.

Who is eligible to join the Program?

The Startupbootcamp Accelerator Program is open to all startups across the globe who have preferably  a working prototype of their product. Traction is not considered relevant but is a plus point. Startups do not need to be incorporated but we welcome a plan on the roadmap to incorporation in one of our pre-approved jurisdictions (a Dutch B.V., a UK Ltd., a US Ltd., or a Delaware Inc). If a startup does not have one of these mentioned structures, we only need to let Startupbootcamp know the reason behind keeping current structures and a permission will be granted to continue if relevant.

Are there any costs associated with participating?

Once you are selected for the program, Startupbootcamp becomes a shareholder with a stake of 8% equity. In return we give you the entire program, lifetime support and €15K in cash (the cash is an undefined expense to be used by a startup the way they see fit).

When do applications close?

Applications will be open till the end third week of January

How do selections work?

The selection criteria will be based on the following:
(i) business model and commercial viability; (ii) team and ability; and (iii) relevance of solutions
Out of 1.5K + applications, 200 will be shortlisted. 60 will move to the second round and only 30 companies will make it to the final round.
The scouting team will contact shortlisted teams for an introduction call and set them up for an interview with the Program Director. Shortlisted applicants will be notified ASAP and moved forward to a potential meeting with the Decision making committee (startups will be asked to share information on our platform at this time). Startups would be asked to go through the process of reviewing and signing our Pre-agreement Letter which is used to measure enthusiasm levels and choose the 2nd round candidates. The Top 20 candidates for the Final Selection Days will be revealed when applications close. Signing the letter does not guarantee selection into the program.

How many startups will be selected for this programme?

10-20 startups will be selected for each program.

What time commitment is required of participating startups?

This 3 month program will need at least 2 participants to ensure startups receive the full benefits of the program. Dedicated hours will vary depending on the agenda of the weeks and stage of the startup. We encourage startups to let us know about their current plans so that we can help you to allocate enough time to the program

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