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Bufaga is a smart device that can be mounted on any vehicle to help reduce the environmental footprint of company fleets in cities

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About the Startup:

We have developed a smart device that can be mounted on the roof of any means of trasport which is able to remove pollutants from outdoor air and gathering data about pollution levels in our cities thank to our IoT software.

Business Stage:

Early Stage/Pre-seed - TRL4 - Startup.

Management Team:

Serena (CEO) is an environmental Engineer with background in Project Management;

Giuseppe (CTO) is a Mechanical Engineer with background in Hardware and IoT prototyping;

Simone (CPO) is a Mechanical Engineerwith with a background in industrial production,

Francesco (CMO) is a digital marketer with experience in copywriting and content marketing

Federico (COO) is a languages and communication expert with background in HR, Sales and Client relation.

Problem and Opportunity:

Unfortuntely, every year there are 7 milion premature deaths caused by the atmospheric pollution worldwide. The solution we offering, that is also our motto is “removing pollution by driving vehicle”. It could be done thanks to our smart device.

What makes our startup unique?

On the one hand, we are able to remove more pulluttants than our competitors, on the second hand we can monitor the air quality thanks to the circulation of vehicles around the cities, and so gathering concrete data.

Our go-to-market plan:

Our go to market strategy is divided in 2 phases:

First of all we are starting partnership with corporates through the accelerations programs we are attending (Eni, Atlantia, Cisco, Acea, Vodafone, Wind, airports, municipalities, public transport).

Second we are going to reach them thanks to online marketing and the network we have built.

Traction & Milestones:

We will soon start a pilot test in Schipol airport with a corporate working already in the sector. Moreover, we are in touch with different huge companies, such Eni (shell company in italy), Atlantia (that managed Fiumicino and Ciampino Airports) and Cisco, that are interested in trying our solution. Also Utretch and Rome municipalities want to start a pilot test with us. Once the prototype will be ready, we will start all this different tests with the corporates and municipalities.


10k prize dock3, 15k sbc, 16k CTE, Lazio Innova 2k, donation crowdfunding campaign (in progress) 2k


We will start our fundraising during the beginning of December. We are asking 300k, to be spent until Q4 of 2023, on producing the device, G&A, research and development and marketing & sales.