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DeepTech & Robotics


An accelerator designed to fuel startups pioneering scientific breakthroughs and disruptive engineering innovations.

Connecting visionary founders with conscious global corporations, their corporate leaders, as well as experienced mentors and impact investors. Our goal is to take “making impact” to the next level. We aim to support your business to develop and produce more sustainable products.

Applications close on: 
August 11, 2024
11th August 2024
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Digital Acceleration

An intense 3-month hybrid accelerator designed to enable growth at speed.


Including cash investment per startup to cover expenses during the program, and €500K+ startup deal kit with exclusive partner deals.


Carefully selected mentors with industry-specific knowledge, who provide hands-on support and valuable introductions.


1:1 matchmaking with mentors, investors and partners. Ongoing collaborations for exposure, media & PR activities.

About the

DeepTech & Robotics


Our DeepTech & Robotics Accelerator fuels startups pioneering scientific breakthroughs and disruptive engineering innovations.

DeepTech innovations are unlocking new frontiers in fields like artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, biotechnology, and advanced materials. These technologies hold immense potential to reshape sectors such as healthcare, energy, manufacturing, and transportation. However, commercializing such complex and capital-intensive technologies presents unique challenges. Bridging the gap between research and market-ready products requires specialized expertise, state-of-the-art facilities, and strategic collaborations.

The DeepTech & Robotics landscape is marked by a shift towards developing disruptive solutions that can drive economic growth, address global challenges, and improve quality of life. The focus is not only on technological advancements but also on creating a sustainable and equitable future through responsible innovation.

Do you lead a DeepTech or Robotics startup that challenges the status quo? Are you passionate about your innovation, are looking to scale and need to raise capital and partner with corporates to build, test, and validate your hypothesis? Then this program is for you!


Accelerator timeline

Application Open

1st June 2024

Applications for our accelerator are open!

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Application Close

11th August 2024

We will start reviewing and shortlisting potential candidates.

Selection days

19th - 22nd August 2024

The startups will pitch in front of an audience of Investors, Mentors, Corporate Leaders, Partners and the SBC team

Startups Announcement

23rd August 2024

On the last day of Selection Days we announce the 10 startups selected, which will take part in the accelerator.

Accelerator Kick-off

9th September 2024

It’s time! We officially kick-off the accelerator.

Impact Day

11th December 2024

At the end of the accelerator we celebrate with Impact Day! The founders will showcase their progress and solutions in our signature event.


Reducing the risk in startup investment

As the #1 Startup Accelerator across Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, & South America, we know a thing or two about early-stage startups. We've developed a proven model that mitigates risk and maximizes returns for our investors.

Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the most promising startups with the highest potential for growth and impact make it into our accelerators. And once they're in, our world-class mentors, partners, and alumni network provide unparalleled support and guidance to help them succeed.

Startupbootcamp is investing in 100.000 of the most promising startups and scaleups from around the world that focus on creating a more sustainable planet. The Startupbootcamp Fundraising Process is aligned with the highest levels of regulation and protection, thanks to our partnership with NxChange.

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About the cohorts of

DeepTech & Robotics

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DeepTech & Robotics

Autonomous Mobility


Next-Gen Wireless

Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

Synthetic Biology

Edge AI & Machine Learning


Battery and Energy storage

Cloud System, Storage and Computing


Key players

Elizabeth Kleinveld
Head of Acceleration

Elizabeth is an experienced startup matchmaker & ecosystem builder. Alongside being an angel investor herself, she ensures the startups in our programs are connected and introduced to the most relevant connections in their respective industries.

Rodrigo Alemán
Startup Growth Lead

Rodrigo leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding opportunities for companies. Researching, Planning, Analyses and Relationship building are his major duties. He identifies potholes in products and connects the dots to see how investors, corporates and mentors could support startups to scale in the long term.

1st Meeting
Scouting Team
The first Introductory call is to understand more about your business, your proposition, and your fit with our focus areas.
2nd Meeting
Program Director
During this meet we discuss your goals, what you wish to get out of the accelerator, how your company would benefit from the collaboration, and your fit with our network.
Due Diligence
At this stage we run a ‘light’ due diligence process to understand your current stage concerning tech, infrastructure, finance, market, and team. 
Selection Week
In this event, you will pitch and meet our stakeholders. Based on ratings from the multiple jury rooms, we will select the companies joining the accelerator.
Program Kick-Off!
Welcome to Startupbootcamp’s accelerator!

Accelerator Alumni