Bangalore, India


Hartford InsurTech Hub - 2020

We provide mental health support via a unique 3-layer hybrid model. This uses an emotionally-intelligent AI conversational agent to provide immediate 24X7 support, helps users identify evidence-based self-help tools and techniques to work through challenging periods of their life. We escalate users needing further support, to professional clinical psychologists. All of this is designed around a textbased app interface. We have a global product and market partnership with Swiss Re, and are designing pilots with two insurance firms in UK and India.

Wysa has had 90 million conversations with 1.3 m users in 30+ countries. It has been recommended by the UK NHS for the last 2 years, and is rated at 93% by ORCHA, the NHS digital app evaluation agency – the highest across all categories – including a 100% on clinical assurance. It is the only AI-based mental health solution that meets NHS UK’s standard for clinical safety, DCB 0129.

Wysa’s efficacy for depression has been established through a peer-reviewed study published in JMIR, the world’s top e-health journal. The study was run by a neuroscientist from Cambridge who is also an advisor to the UN and the UK Parliament on Ethics & AI. Wysa has been featured by the BBC, as a result of a study by Oxford University and the Wellcome Trust, as a leading solution in this space