New York, United States


FinTech London - 2015

Platform and applications for software-defined trust on blockchains.

Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, is making it possible to confidentially share data and coordinate processes by relying on a strong communal network instead of a centralized cloud or a trusted institution.

Blockchain offers to rewire existing social and commercial structures, but it feels like a dial-up model in 1995. Tradle created a platform that compensates for blockchain’s limitations, such as low transaction throughput, extreme data storage limits, absence of transactional semantics, and high cost of computations.

Trust in Motion (TiM) is our first app on this platform, it allows users to start a secure line of communications and go on-the-record to confidentially exchange documents, verifications, attributions and agreements. Resulting records are stored securely and irrevocably with global permission-less access and high resilience to hackers, spying and take down demands. This allows TiM’s use in journalism, bidirectional open data with community engagement, value/supply chains, commercial and non-profit workflows, and compliance. TiM offers to protect rights of people and organizations while offering new ways to achieve radical transparency.