The Social Coin

Barcelona, Spain

The Social Coin

IoT & Data Barcelona - 2015

The Social Coin: The kindness fostering and measuring platform.

The Social Coin is an unique means of fostering kindness connecting people through Kindness Chains which can be tracked and storified.

The Social Coin allows people, businesses, universities and cities to foster, track and share acts of kindness across our white label platform and our physical Social Coins.

We have developed a fully customizable platform linked to physical connected, biodegradable and plantable coins that enable corporations, universities and smart cities to track Acts of Kindness in real time.

Possibilities for community engagement around a certain social challenge and through values transmission are endless, meanwhile they track and share the stories of altruism and goodness generated by the coin as it change hands.

Since July 2013, 20,000 Social Coins have been distributed and helped to generate 150,000 Acts of Kindness. These Social Coins have traveled through 68 countries and 13 partner companies have participated including Cisco, Schneider, Telefónica, Iberdrola, Infojobs or Price Waterhouse.