Social Thingum


Social Thingum

ItalianTech - 2019

At Social Thingum, we create innovative technological solutions in the fields of AI, Internet of Things and social e-learning. Our paradigm “Social and Smart” merges the learning process with interaction potentialities, through the synergy between AI and social networks.

We help companies to efficiently use these advanced technologies to develop new products and services for their customers.

Our team is made up of academic professors and experts in Computer Science, and we are engaged in R&D and consulting projects in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, e-Learning, Smart Living and Web & App development. We benefit from strategic collaborations with both Italian and foreign universities. Social Thingum developed WHOTEACH®, an intelligent social e-learning platform that facilitates skill development for companies’ employees and students using a proprietary recommender system. We are also currently developing EASY4.0, a smart social network meant to help customers using home appliances and saving money.

Our capabilities were also recognised by the EU, and we took part in the NETT European project, focused on AI and e-learning. During this collaboration we had the chance to test our platform WHOTEACH, together with two other ioT related projects named SandS and Elliot.