Sizanani – Corporate Startup in residence

Sizanani – Corporate Startup in residence

AfriTech - 2018

Sizanani focuses on addressing grocery stokvel pain points.

Corporates are known for their red-tape and convoluted processes. Sizanani positions themselves as a pilot into the world of lean methodology and accelerators. Sizanani is Unilever’s ambassadors in Startupbootcamp AfriTech’s 2018 cohort. The team is dedicated to experimenting with Stokvel models to help do the job consumers want to hire corporates to solve.

Through experimentation, Sizanani has discovered that Securing the Order is a key pain point outside of the control of Stokvel chairpersons. They have two pilots that went live in October which tested an offer they crafted, including direct delivery to a church.

Sizanani targets existing stokvels and encourages people to self-organize into buying groups.