Smart Materials 2015

Perfect-fit hip implants.

Every year, about 600.000 patients worldwide undergo a hip surgery before the age of 65.Yet, classic hip implants are designed to last 25 years and sacrifice patient’s bone over time. As a result, younger patients will likely need another hip surgery in the future. Classic hip implants sacrifice patients’ bone, and when they fail, a revision surgery can turn into further clinical complications with an average cost 1.5 times more than the cost of a primary hip surgery. In 2030, the number of revision surgery is expected to grow by 137% and the total cost of revision surgery is projected to double.

Orthonova simplifies hip surgery and brings a perfect-fit hip implant to preserve their bone and their autonomy for life.

Each patient is operated with a patient-specific instrumentation. Thanks to 3D imaging and 3D printing technology our perfect-fit and bone-conserving hip solution will last longer than classic hip implants and will eliminate the burden of complex revision surgery. Based on 25 years of clinical experience, our stemless hip implant design has proven to preserve patients’ bone over time. In our latest clinical follow-up, 100 % of the patients are showing good clinical results at 5 years.


Orthonova – Perfect-fit Hip Implants from Startupbootcamp on Vimeo.