AfriTech - 2018

Digitech provides a fully integrated and cloud-based InsurTech platform to incumbent insurance companies, which aim to attract and reach out to the next consumer emerging segments.

The platform deployed by Digitech is highly scalable and customizable to the needs of each particular corporate client. The services can be deployed over any country in Africa in a fraction of the time it would normally require for similar or even more complex platforms to do the same.

Through secure web access and data repositories which are compliant with the highest global standards, including PCI-DSS, insurance companies will access a single view of their customers including “Know-Your-Customer”, onboarding, payment, e-claims, and policy processes.

In the same vein, customers who have the most basic feature phone can still access products which are tailored to their needs and wants, for the very first time.
Through Digitech’s powerful artificial intelligence agents, the customer service and claims process are operated 24/7 via all available channels.