FinTech London 2015

Cloud risk intelligence hub for merchants, PSPs and financial institutions.

OmniReact, the first product of Cybertonica, is a cloud risk intelligence hub for merchants, PSPs and financial institutions.

Decrease the number of fraud transactions and chargebacks, increase conversion on your site or site of your client due to our unique machine learning models, online behaviour analysis and biometric fingerprint profiling of Internet users.

We are ready to help merchants, PSPs and banks which are not satisfied with quality of existing fraud management solutions. As intelligent multichannel platform, OmniReact not only keeps you aware of fraud but prevents it effectively.

Unlike standard antifraud solutions, OmniReact offers a list of unique and gainful features:

SaaS — you don’t need to buy servers or software. Besides, the solution easily integrates with any system of merchant, PSP or financial institution infrastructure. You get more knowledge for less time, and more features for less money.

Financial assurance — we cover your chargebacks entirely, 100%.

Less 3DSecure, higher conversion rate — advanced machine learning models together with analyst-assisted case management result in sufficient decrease of payments sent to 3DS.

Omnichannel solution — the system successfully monitors diverse payment channels (debit/credit cards, mobile payments, POS, ATM).