Berlin, Germany



    Records your Facebook or Twitter stream and makes it searchable.

    archify records every page you browse, every item in your Facebook or Twitter stream. We capture the full text and a screenshot and make them searchable.

    We’ve all been frustrated by not being able to find exactly what we want, because we cannot remember exactly what it was and were we saw the information. So we are forced to think about, if you could possibly need this information again right when we see it. For most of us this is not an option as were are not that consequent persons. Google will not help you in all that cases, because many links are comimg via facebook or twitter and its a realy nuisance to find it again with a common search engine.

    This is were archify steps in the game. Our browser plugins record every page a user browse. Not only will archify create a detailed history, it will also take a screenshot of the content, helping you identify when and where data first appeared, as site redesigns can sometimes lead to confusion.