Zheng Liwei

Zheng Liwei

Co-founder and partner at Medlinker

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu Mentor

2005-2014 West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University undergraduate – PhD
During the publication of multiple SCI papers, as the main drafters involved in the drafting of the two national standards in food and Drug Administration in Sichuan Province, consultants involved in medical device technology review guidelines drafting

2013-2014 Sichuan Huaxi Denture Prosthesis Center assistant general manager and chief executive officer

He was responsible for the information management of Huaxi Denture Repair Center during the whole process. He designed the ERP management system of Huaxi Denture, responsible for the operation of Huaxi denture enterprise website, and completed the registration of medical devices and quality management system certification.

2014.7-present  Medlinker
As the co-founder and partner of Medlinker, he is responsible for the construction and management of various business and management functions.