Xiucai Zhang

Xiucai Zhang

General Manager at SANSIDE

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu Mentor

Education background:

2011.02-2012.07, Applied Finance, University of Griffith, Australia

2005.09-2009.06, medical English of Luzhou Medical College

Work experience:

2013.5-present, general manager of Sichuan sanside Co., Ltd.

2012.8-2013.4, market research, start-up company preparation

2011.2-2012.7, Australia’s Domino’s Pizza store manager

2009.6-2010.12, deputy general manager of Network Technology Co., Ltd.


1, four years to lead Sichuan sanside technology Co., Ltd. from 4 people to more than 30 people, annual output of more than 10 million;

2, 2016 Sichuan sanside technology Co., Ltd. as a national High-tech enterprises;

3, in 2015, Sichuan Province, “thousand people Plan” entrepreneurial talent;

4, 2016 selected in “Chengdu Talent Program” for long-term entrepreneurship in Chengdu and “High-tech innovation and entrepreneurial talent”;

5, 2016 was invited to the Southwest Petroleum University University student Entrepreneurship as one of mentors, and was selected as Chengdu Science and Technology entrepreneurship mentors.