Weston Hankins

Weston Hankins

Co-founder at WunderAgent

Startupbootcamp Smart Transportation & Energy Berlin Mentor

In Mexico, he started his career in DaimlerChrylser in Germany, had a programming sprint at Microsoft in Redmond USA, quit and decided to obtain his degree (Computer Engineering) and travel the world in search of a problem really worth solving.

It was in this search that he met the founders of CouchSurfing and joined as the 3rd employee. He served as CTO for over 4 years helping turn it into the world’s largest travel community. Later, Weston moved to Berlin and took on the CTO role at 9flats.com.

Weston is now working, together with a small team, in creating a next-generation city guide as well as apps for hotels and conferences. He also mentors other start-ups in Germany and Singapore, builds stuff, climbs and plays squash every week.