Vincent van Kalkeren

Vincent van Kalkeren

Investor and Co-creator at I4D

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

Experience with working for companies such as Deloitte, KPMG House of Performance, ABN AMRO, Océ, Alliander, ASR, Volker Wessels, RWS, Ten Cate, NL Coach and a lot of medium sized companies from various industries. I have built up a broad backgrond in finance, (interim) management, consultancy – from strategy to organization development and training & coaching – and entrepreneurship.

My strength lies in combining the 4 perspectives essential for creating sustainable value: organizational, personal, team and business development. Often seen as a sharp analytical, critical and innovative thinker, who inspires people to change behavior fundamentally as the key to personal growth and achieving business results.

Expertise: Finance, Strategy, Leadership, Team- and Organizational Development.