Tony Zander

Tony Zander

VP, Product & Development at Vectr Ventures

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Chengdu Mentor

Tony has over 20 years of experience creating global technology products spanning the consumer, entertainment and enterprise space. Prior to his work with Vectr, he has helped build numerous companies, including Microsoft’s purchase of Flight Simulator. He has led teams for Microsoft (Xbox, Surface, Windows Phone, Research China) and Zynga Beijing. Projects have included both software and hardware products from conception through launch and live operations.

Tony holds advisory roles for Dash Robotics, a robotics toy platform from Berkley California, USA and Recono VR, an experimental entertainment company here in Chengdu, China.

Tony is a mentor at Betatron, a Hong Kong based accelerator and Firefly, a VR\AR incubator here in Chengdu, China.

Tony lecturers Master degree courses at the Hong Kong Polytechnic Institute in Game Design and Development and Interaction Design.

Tony studied Industrial Design as an undergraduate in Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and his graduate work in Computer Science with a specialization in Experimental Visualization at the University of Illinois at Urbana\Champaign.