Tiziana Olivier

Tiziana Olivier

Entrepreneur, Founder at TecTiz

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

Since the year 2000 I have been working as a Technical Recruitment Professional in the ICT and the engineering industry (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Automation). After my Economics study at the VU, I started my career at USG People where I learned a lot about technology managing human resources. Then I decided to start my own business and I founded TecTiz.

Why I love to work with people? Because each human being is different, driven by his or her own motivations, ambitions and reasons. I like to meet new people, getting to know them well and connect them to the right companies. I’m highly interested in new technologies and how companies implement them in our daily life. That’s why I want to be involved with Startupbootcamp. I’m also ambassador of technology and ICT to the oldest kids at primary schools, promoting science. Every new day at work is different, fun and has something new to offer.

Top Skills

1. Recruitment of Technical Talent in ICT & Engineering
2. Human Resource Management
3. Entrepreneurship coaching on the job

As a start-ups mentor to young entrepreneurs, I share my large Human Resource Management experience in recruiting, selecting and coaching technical talent with them. I can help them to focus on the right priorities, advising them and helping them figuring out their best option. Think about where to find the needed expertise, which candidate to choose and based on what… The future is now, get ready for it! TecTiz is there for you!