Thomas Eskebaek

Thomas Eskebaek

Business Manager at Moonray Investors

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

With a background in software engineering, Thomas launched a software company focused on commercialising the research he had done in his master’s thesis. Thomas spent the next 5 years building the company, raising venture capital, landing several global top 20 customers, building a team of 15 employees and working on strategic partnerships.

Wanting to use his startup experiences for other startups, Thomas joined GazelleGrowth, a Danish, tech focused accelerator, where he worked with 10+ high tech startups, helping them go from early technology to a product, a market and customers.

Seeing first hand the importance of getting the strategy right, Thomas joined Bain & Co, a global tier 1 strategy consultancy to learn the strategy toolkit and apply it with several large multinational companies. Since then, Thomas has moved into investing, first spending 6 months in private equity and then moving on to a proprietary capital fund with investments across real estate, technology and venture capital funds.

Thomas retains his passion for technology and believes coupling the right product with the right strategy and market approach is the key to building successful companies.