Terry McGuire

Terry McGuire

Co-founder & General Partner at Polaris Venture Partners


Terry McGuire is a co-founder and general partner of Polaris Venture Partners based in the Boston office.

Through the years, McGuire has invested in a number of companies spanning several industries. These investments include Akamai, Aspect Medical Systems, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, GlycoFi, Transform Pharmaceuticals, deCODE Genetics, and Remon Medical Technologies. Akamai is an internet service that deals with Web interactions, and works to improve effective connections. Today, Akamai is a public company. Another example is GlycoFi, which creates biotheraputics through proteins. GlycoFi was acquired by Merck in 2006.

McGuire has co-founded three companies: Inspire Pharmaceuticals, AIR (Advanced Inhalation Research, Inc.), and MicroCHIPS. For example, AIR has created a drug delivery method that allows drugs to be inhaled into the lungs. Companies Terry has supported have touched more than 60 million patients and directly saved over 400,000 lives. These companies have raised over $6 billion in equity and corporate capital. As a group, they have achieved a combined peak enterprise value of over $40 billion.

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