Terrie Lloyd

Terrie Lloyd

CEO at Japan Travel KK

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Terrie Lloyd is a 61-year dual-national of Australia and New Zealand, who has lived in Japan for 36 years. He formed his first company on a working holiday visa at the age of 25, in Japan, and has established more than 17 companies in Japan (others internationally) since then. He has had 8 successful earn-outs: LINC Computer and HK-based TechMan sold to EDS in 1995, LINC Media Web division sold to Chinadotcom of HK in 2000, Layer-8 Technologies spun out to ThetaMusic in Japan in 2003, DaiJob Software KK sold to a Nikko Principal in 2004, DaiJob Inc. sold to Human Holdings of Japan in 2005, Esphion NZ sold to Allot Corporation of Israel in 2008, and BiOS KK, an IT company, sold to co-investors then on to TMJ KK of Japan in 2013. 

Of the above companies, DaiJob.com was particularly notable, as it was Japan’s first mid-career recruiting portal, and within 24 months of starting had 160,000 registered users interacting in both English and Japanese.

Currently Lloyd is Founder and CEO of the following companies:

  1. Japan Travel KK– Japan’s largest (by content volume) and second largest (by traffic) inbound travel site. Lloyd invented a unique “structured” crowdsourcing software platform to create massive amounts of user generated content at low cost for Japantravel.com. As a result, the website now has 18,600 writers, photographers, and videographers, is producing 30-50 articles and videos a day, and is available in 13 languages. Other teams in the company include a luxury/business Type 2 licenced travel agency, and a systems integration operation that pulls in data from large Japanese firms, for re-organization and resale to foreign tourists (rental bikes, bag handling, etc.). www.japantravel.com.  
  2. MetroWorks KK – an innovative software development company, which built the www.japantravel.com community engine. www.metroworks.co.jp
  3. Japan Inc. Holdings – a consulting, investment, and Japanese-language marketing company. www.japaninc.com


Other positions Lloyd holds include:

  1. Director of Keating Media Pty. Ltd., a news organization based in Canberra, Australia, and which has a press licence to operate inside the Australian Parliament House. Keating Media includes among its clients China’s Xinghua News Agency.
  2. Director of Instinct Entertainment, a start-up mobile games and cloud software company, based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Lloyd is married to a Japanese national, Kumiko, and has 4 daughters and 1 son, ranging from 33 years to 16. His hobbies are starting businesses, cycling and swimming, and hanging out with the kids.


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