Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen

Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen



Objectives & Passions
Connecting People and Technology. I am passionate about taking the best out of technology and put it at the service of people’s needs, whether it is making things easy, faster or more fun. I love being part of this era in which technology and people challenge each other in new ways. You will find me focusing my energy in streamlining operations so strategy and execution are aligned.

In the past I have been part of the management team of two small, mid sized companies that we grew and sold to a bigger corporation. I have worked in big corporations like IBM Netherlands as well as smaller technology related companies from Europe. I studied Business Administration and a MBA at ESADE, Barcelona.

Key Areas of Expertise

Mobile business and mobile application development. I have been involved in the development of more than 400 apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada and Java ME. My work has made it possible to win several awards.
Product Management and user experience of mobile apps.
Marketing and Business Development.
Organisational change related to technology implementations.

When you may use my skills
When you need someone to help you shape your mobile first web or mobile app strategy whether this is from a business model perspective or from a product definition and user experience perspective.
When you need someone to help you structure your organisation for growth.