Sebastian Bernhardt

Sebastian Bernhardt

Senior Project Manager at KV Telematik GmbH

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Sebastian was born in Berlin and studied medicine in Hamburg, Marburg and Munich, Germany.

He decided to seek opportunities in digital health early on, with his first product being a web application for data capture in clinical trials by the year of 2000 (!).

Sebastian then went for positions in large healthcare enterprises Fresenius and Siemens, working as a product manager, project manager and business developer for healthcare IT solutions, serving mostly B2B markets. In 2008, he started his own consultancy applying his expertise to corporations from life sciences majors to health startups.

Currently, Sebastian is busy launching telematics applications for the national association of German ambulatory physicians – among others a web app for physician appointment booking.

So in summary this is what he can bring:

– Broad health industry oversight with expertise and network in many product categories
– Profound understanding of the healthcare providers’ and professionals’ perspective
– Enthusiastic coaching for agile methods, especially product ownership for Scrum and Kanban teams
– Business modeling, venture capital, and pitch experience
– Longstanding track record with the interactions between big enterprise and small startup in health related industries