Satish Movva

Satish Movva


Startupbootcamp Digital Health Miami Mentor

Satish has founded 2 Companies, both harness cutting-edge technology, both focus on health.

His latest Company, CarePredict has a simple goal: making it easier to take care of and look out for Seniors. He’s invented a wearable device called ‘Tempo’, the first designed for the elderly, which learns their activities of daily living and compiles these patterns into an individual’s ‘Rhythm Journal’. Analyzing these patterns provides meaningful context and early or just-in-time alerts to loved ones and caregivers when things may be going wrong.

Prior to CarePredict, He founded ContinuLink, an innovative Home-care, Medical Staffing and Hospice IT SaaS platform which processed $550m in customer transactions in 2012. He sold the Company to Procura in 2011 and exited in 2013.