Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar

Co Founder at KeepIt

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

I have the market knowledge, experience and strong network within the current start-up ecosystem in London and Berlin, experience in launching and building my own start-up, and more importantly excellent technical and communication skills. Having recently completed my MBA, I am passionate about innovation, design and entrepreneurship, financial modelling and venture capital.

Prior to the MBA, I have over six years of experience in fixed income sales and trading, in particular, Credit and Rates. As a fixed income sales specialist, I was able to analyse and pitch various trade ideas, new issues and manage a range of institutional and fast money investors that gave me an incremental insight on financial markets.

Currently, I am an angel investor, an active mentor and assist Imperial in hosting various start-up events. I am regular at prestigious events held by Techstars and Microsoft Ventures where I get to share my very own insights into building start-ups and running a business.

My career path in a nutshell: Entrepreneur > Banker > MBA > Entrepreneur.