Ronald Schirmer

Ronald Schirmer

Entrepreneur, Founder of Digitale Substanz & LaborX Chemnitz, Co-Founder of Yopi GmbH and CAPPcore GmbH

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Ronald has co-founded Yopi GmbH, operator of a comparison shopping platform, back in 2,000. He is also co-founder of CAPPcore GmbH and founded Digitale Substanz in 2015.

Having been an entrepreneur for 15 years, he has experienced both the fun times and the hard times of the entrepreneurial lifestyle.

As a web development enthusiast with a weakness for open source technologies, Ronald is fascinated by the idea, that more people than ever before have become empowered to found their own startups due to the opportunities the digital age provides. And he believes, that most of the big environmental, social or economic issues of today’s world can be solved by smart business approaches only, rather than by politics nor by shareholder driven big corporations.

Thus, he has made it his mission to empower as much people as possible to become entrepreneurs. Ronald is founder of none-profit startup event LaborX Chemnitz and works as a mentor for innovative founders in Saxony.

In collaboration with Mario, his next goal is to process all their entrepreneurial skills and methodological know-how from lean startup to business model innovation into a digital toolkit to foster and empower startup founders worldwide.