Rolf van de Velde

Rolf van de Velde

CEO at Undagrid

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam || Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

As a student, Rolf started his first tech company in 1994 and after exiting, he joined the first Dutch Internet incubator. His personal drive to act, think and communicate as an entrepreneur, led to his second tech company in 2001. He has managed the company for 11 years, achieving a multi-million turnover, starting from scratch. He co-founded subsidiaries and other companies, experiencing failures and success.

Being an entrepreneur, the decision to found Undagrid in 2014 was not hard. Together with his co-founders, he has the goal to make Undagrid a successful IoT company. Rolf graduated from SBC Amsterdam in 2014 with Undagrid.

Top 3 Skills:
1. Strategic Thinking
2. Business Development
3. Entrepreneurship

Since a couple of years, he shares his 20 years of entrepreneurial experience with startups, knowing how valuable this is for founders and himself. Insisting on lean startup practices, he doesn’t keep you from making mistakes. He helps entrepreneurs to find their own answers by asking pointed, sometimes uncomfortable questions.