Rohit Makharia

Rohit Makharia

Investment Manager at GM Ventures


Rohit is an Investment Manager at GM Ventures since March 2014. He is responsible for sourcing and executing investments, and also serves as a board observer for GM’s portfolio companies. His current interests include zero emission driving, autonomous driving, connected cars, shared transportation economy, and a variety of business models that are enabled by these technologies.

Since joining GM in 2002, Rohit has been dedicated to developing technologies that enable zero-emissions driving. He has championed projects with start-ups and strategic partners to help accelerate the adoption of break-through advanced technologies in high-range, low-cost electric vehicles. Rohit’s expertise is in fuel cells and Li-ion batteries with a focus on advanced materials and its integration in to systems. He has held senior engineering/scientist, technical manager and program manager positions to lead the development of battery and fuel cell technologies that were integrated in to:

-Chevy Bolt Battery EV Concept – Low cost battery for EV (200 mile range)

-Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell EV Fleet – First fuel cell fleet of its kind (100 vehicles, 3 million EV miles driven)

-Autonomy Fuel Cell, Drive-By-Wire Concept – First EV architected from the ground-up on a skateboard-like platform.

Rohit has co-authored peer-reviewed publications and book chapters, and holds multiple patents.

He lives with his wife and daughter in Michigan. He enjoys reading, salsa dancing, drawing, leisure biking and snowboarding.