Robin Hanna

Robin Hanna

Co-Founder at Convers(at)ion

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Robin has been successful in the marketing field since his first entrepreneurial venture, back in 2013, while in an internship at Latham & Watkins, in the corporate department : he saved the crowd-funding campaign of Jacques&Déméter, a French luxury fashion brand.

He then made the company grow without investing any money in marketing, by building a complete structure that generates and nurtures leads. He also started a blog about shoes with the founder, which quickly became the first acquisition channel thanks to his understanding of search engine optimization.

All of this got Jacques&Déméter to grow by 623% in sales in less than two years.

At age 22, he started an online course on marketing strategy, lead-generation and content strategy on Udemy, the biggest internet teaching platform to date, and became a best-seller in the “marketing” category, next to courses published by Seth Godin,

He gave the course up to become the marketing strategist at the 1st French fashion site, BonneGueule, who is also a brand, which is doubling in size every year since 2011, and attracts well over 500,000 visits a month today. He is currently a Co-Founder of Convers(at)ion and he also teaches marketing on starting early 2017.