Roberto Rivero

Roberto Rivero

Head of Market Development at S&P / Chairman at Vable Systems


Roberto is obsessed with the commercials of business: refining client value propositions, sales & distribution, creating sustainable business models, building barriers to entry, developing complementary products, etc.

Roberto’s corporate roles over the past 20 years have focused on sales, marketing and product development. Through these, he has become very familiar with technology and with the value-chain of the wholesale finance process. He has also built a strong network of contacts in the financial industry, particularly among investors.

Since joining the board of Vable (Sep 2015), Roberto has led or co-led the development of a new business plan, a successful $1m funding round, the recruitment of new sales & marketing departments, a re-brand, formalization of the board-processes and the exploration of new product opportunities. Vable now expects an inflexion in the growth of a business that was already expanding at 20% p.a.