Roberto Ascione

Roberto Ascione

CEO at Healthware International

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Roberto Ascione is a serial entrepreneur and global thought leader in digital health. With 20 years of experience, he has been focusing on marketing and communications, business transformation and innovation in health and wellness.

Between 1996 and 2006 Roberto founded multiple companies focusing on the intersection of healthcare and technology including ahead of its time health data management, on-line clinical research and one of the very first healthcare digital communications agencies. In 2007 he lead a successful exit of the integrated communications business to Publicis Groupe where he served till 2015 in multiple roles from Managing Director to Global President within the Publicis Healthcare Communications Group.

Under his tenure he has lead the merger of long-standing digital heritage agencies in USA (eHealth Solutions, iMed Studios and Razorfish Health), Spain (NUATT), Germany (Digital District) and UK (Elevator) collectively integrated, in 2012, under the Razorfish Healthware brand present in 9 countries with a Team of over 400 professionals.

Passionate for medicine, computer science, and human-technology interactions he believes strongly that digital innovations and technologies will be the most impactful drivers of change in the healthcare industry. He nurtures this vision by speaking at a number of conferences, as well as contributing to several research organizations and start-up accelerators.

Born and raised in Italy, Roberto transverses the globe. He enjoys the mash-up of different cultures along the way. Roberto’s education is in medical science and he holds a degree in marketing and communications.

He is currently CEO at Healthware International, a next-generation healthcare communications agency, combining in a unique blend consulting and creative services with innovation and technology capabilities able to deliver value to existing and emerging healthcare stakeholders. He is also very active in the digital health start-up ecosystem in various advisor capacities both in Europe and USA.