Robert Rivero

Robert Rivero

EMEA Head of Market Development / Non-Executive Director at Standard & Poor's / Linex Systems

Startupbootcamp FinTech London Mentor

I started my career in IT, gaining much international experience in the process. In 1995 I started working in Financial Technology and couldn’t believe (i) the constant, rapid change; (ii) the huge need to process information and make decisions quickly; (iii) the huge value-add that can be created by the right product.

Over the last 20 years, in roles focused on Sales, Marketing and Product Development; I have become intimate with most of the value-chain of the wholesale finance process.

I find technology exciting but I am more obsessed with the commercials of any business: refining client value propositions, sales & distribution, creating sustainable business models, building barriers to entry, developing or acquiring complementary products, etc.

Since joining the board of Linex (Sep 2015) I have contributed to, if not led, the development of a new business plan, a successful $1m funding round, the recruitment of a new sales & marketing department, a re-brand, formalization of the board-processes, exploration of new product opportunities, etc.. Through all this, we are hoping to see an inflexion in the growth a business that was already expanding at 20% p.a.