Rob van Baarsen

Rob van Baarsen

Senior Management Consultant

Startupbootcamp Commerce Mentor

I started my own Business as a management consultant in January 2014. Former Corporate Director Human Capital Development at USG People N.V. (a specialized provider of employment services in Europe). Brings over 8 years of International leadership,- and management development. Over 15 years in the areas of sales, general management and training/development.

Track record in sales and sales development, sales management, organizational development, HR strategy development/implementation, talent management development and implementation of programs related to corporate strategy and culture, leadership development, employee development & training and performance management.

Top 3 Skills
1. HR strategy
2. Talent management
3. Talent acquisition

I would like to work with startups to share my experience and knowledge. I can mentor on sales, management, organizational development and learning/development. I want to be involved I am highly interested in all new developments, new businesses and learning from each other.