Richard Sims

Richard Sims

Senior Consultant at The Technology Partnership

Startupbootcamp IoT London Mentor

Experienced and commercially sensitive I have been running projects in the area of consumer and commercial product development where the cost/feature blend is paramount. I currently spend around 50% of my time in business development, with a focus on low cost wireless and energy management/smart grid/smart city in North America.

I have successfully managed £million projects from conception, through budgeting and planning, to transfer to production and successful manufacture.

I have also been involved in several fundamental technology developments, which have resulted in successful application of the approach in high volume consumer products.

Management of multi-disciplinary design teams developing: 

– Zigbee based industrial/commercial street lighting control system, utilising a GSM base station and a dynamic mesh network for controlling over 900 nodes per base station
– multiple high volume, low cost in-home-display developments aimed at the smart home/smart energy market
– ‘zero-power’ electronic point of sale (EPOS) labels, including a novel RF low power protocol capable of addressing over 64,000 EPOS pricing displays; managing the development process through to full approvals
– complex electro-mechanical low cost document scanning product development, including transfer to mass production
– battery and mains powered high discharge rate consumer electronic products aimed at the personal care market
– 802.15.4 based wireless sensor for use in diary cattle health monitoring
– multiple industrial print system developments, including ink system controllers and print-head drivers

High volume, low cost product development to agressive timescales
Far Eastern manufacturing, supply chain management and transfer to production
RF and communications systems (from low power, low data rate proprietary, to standards based (Zigbee, WiFi, GSM etc.))
Product feasibility, technology and cost studies
Smart City/Grid, Internet of Things (IoT) applications