Pim Stevens

Pim Stevens

Program Manager Consumer Fiber and Smart Cities at KPN

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

Since 2006, mr. Pim Stevens (1971) works for Royal Dutch KPN, the largest telecom in the Netherlands. In his current role as Program Manager Consumer Fiber and Smart Cities, he has led a series of new product introductions to increase consumer fiber penetration and the Smart City- and Internet of Things awareness and portfolio of KPN. Since 2012, mr. Stevens represents KPN in the project Amsterdam Smart City (ASC), a multi-party collaboration to accelerate service innovation. ASC is a strategic initiative, which allows companies such as KPN to test and launch a broad spectrum of innovations to large targeted consumer groups and enterprises. ASC uses a large scale of partners to set up and fulfill these service innovations. Mr. Stevens holds a Master of Science in Management from the University of Nijenrode.

Top Skills

1. Connecting people
2. Make most out of nothing
3. Forcing breakthroughs

To face the urban challenges it is necessary to set up collaborations between ‘established’ knowledge and new insights. By working with start-ups, paradigm-shifts can be set-up and new solutions launched. As a mentor I’m looking forward to combine the challenges start-ups facing with the expertise and skills I’ve developed. Thereby also learn from the way-of-working start-ups are praised for!