Philip Kiracofe

Philip Kiracofe

Managing Director at Startupbootcamp Cape Town

Startupbootcamp AfriTech Mentor

Philip Kiracofe brings 20-years of direct operational and venture financing experience spanning a diverse range of industries in the US, India, Asia and South Africa. He has co-founded or led numerous companies including a pioneer online grocery service company, an India-based venture capital fund, the first large-scale social networking site, and a New York-based property development firm.

 In 2009, he founded Horizen Partners to incubate and advise far-reaching projects based on the foundations of innovation, adventure and sustainability. Current projects include Horizen Ventures (early stage VC), WhereIsMyTransport (transit solutions for governments and operators), SwingDev (Outsourced Silicon Valley development projects) and Tech Lab Africa. He has previously advised South African start-ups including Over, Springleap, and Playlogix and plans to raise a new venture fund in Cape Town.

In his leisure time, Philip’s interests range from adventure and endurance events to wine. Philip attended the United States Air Force Academy, where he studied Computer Science and Behavioral Science. He currently splits his time between Cape Town and NYC