Petra Geyer

Petra Geyer

Managing Director at GerMedica

Startupbootcamp Digital Health Berlin Mentor

Over the last 25 years Petra has worked (mainly) in the Healthcare and IT markets in Germany, the UK, Asia-Pacific and Australia. She has held various senior positions in Marketing, Sales, Export and General Management. The companies she worked for ranged from start-ups to multi-nationals such as Johnson & Johnson, NEC, BASF. Petra set up Investor Relation structures for a stock exchange listed company in both Germany and Australia, servicing 1500 international investors for almost 8 years.

She also has a track record of launching and commercialising a range of Healthcare and IT products and services worldwide as well as setting up internal Marketing & Sales departments and international subsidiaries. Petra holds a Master´s Degree (Dipl.) in Business, Communications and Marketing

She´d offer to share her expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Establishing a marketing/sales/export department and processes within the start-up and integrate/train non-marketing staff
  • The Commercialisation/marketing process
  • Working with Investors/Shareholders
  • The Internationalisation process