Pepijn de Rijk

Pepijn de Rijk

Agency Media Consultant at Google

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

Being a Googler for almost 4 years in various positions. I have spend the majority of my time helping to grow the business of our large Dutch e-commerce advertisers in the Retail industry (, Wehkamp, etc). At the moment I am working as an Agency Media Consultant, giving strategic advise on how to build successful Digital Branding campaigns. Before I joined Google I was a founder and owner of several webshops.

Top Skills

1. eCommerce
2. Digital Branding
3. Entrepreneurship
4. Business modelling

In general I like working with start-ups as they have a genuine motivation in trying see and do things differently. Personally I like to give start-ups just very hands-on advice from creating MVP’s to creating business models, digital marketing campaigns, UX advice and much more.