Paul van Breugel

Paul van Breugel

VP Global Marketing at Travix International

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

I’m a very energetic, enthusiastic and experienced online business guy. Always striving for the best results, in fact I want to win. I’m best in complex environments with challenging goals. And always striving for a team result. Count on me when a team needs to be build achieving great performance, and in the same time individuals will develop themselves to the max. My background is in Travel and Telecom, mainly online commercial positions, but always in changing and growing environments. Put me in between customers, technology and multi-disciplined teams.

Top 3 Skills:

1. Driving result-driven, online commercial and service business internationally
2. teamwork with maximum personal development
3. Leadership

I offer my knowledge and experience with great passion to start-up teams, because I love to promote initiative, growth and teamwork. You can count on my passion for online business. I believe the idea is only part of the success, and the rest is created by the right teams and WHY behind the idea and team.