Paul Dankers

Paul Dankers

Managing Director at QAT Investments

Startupbootcamp Smart City & IoT Amsterdam Mentor

I enjoy my work and that is the main reason for being active in many different areas. Hands on investing, coaching and supporting companies is really my passion also because I get a lot back; learning from it, stay on top of new initiatives in the fast changing world and stay close to the culture of younger generations.

Happily married for more than 30 year and happy and having two sons. Very active in sports, running, rowing, fitness and golf. Another strong interest / hobby I have is “the economy” and internationalisation.

Top Skills:

Skills to help start up’s are available in many areas a.o, the investment world, coaching experience, knowledge of and experience in different disciplines and segments. High tec products, software, platforms, B-B as well as B-C. And an extensive network in the international as well as national business.

I like to work with start-ups as a mentor because coaching and helping companies to succeed gives me energy and fun. At the same time I really like to stay in touch with younger people to stay close to new initiatives and the culture of these generations.