Paul Broekhuijsen

Paul Broekhuijsen

Chairman of the Supervisory Board


I am an experienced Managing Director and General Manager of activities in the technical arena, having worked in manufacturing, systems & technical services, and construction. I have ample experience in building and growing companies, their market positions and capabilities. Also, I have been in the other side of the cycle, in recovery and (re)financing. The most inspiring part of my work has always been connected to the development side of the proposition, products and services offered, and of the people concerned.

Top 3 Skills:
1. Entrepreneurship

2. Strategy and Organization
3. Finance

I would look forward to make available my experience in the development and running of companies in a competitive environment, helping people to successfully manage the pitfalls out there. I would like to mentor the on how to structure their activity, and how to see the entire picture of entrepreneurship, helping them to take forward the consequences thereof. I would like to be involved because I can share a lot and it gives me a lot of energy and pleasure to be involved with driven, bright and passionate young people.