Nils Rooijmans

Nils Rooijmans

Search Consultatn at Water Cooler Topics

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam || Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

Enthusiastic startup bootstrapper. Specialised in Artificial Intelligence and Search. Responsible for Search and R&D at ilsemedia between 2000 and 2008. Responsible for bootstrapping longtail content marketing business at Expose Media. Currently validating hypothesis for his next startup adventure.

Top 3 Skills:

1. Search technology
2. Search marketing
3. Lean Startup methodology

I’m always curious and eager to learn. Trying to grow a passionate sense for the potential. See what works. Startups provide a unique context to explore the possibilities of our digital future and allow me to learn about how businesses can realize the potential of technological innovation. By sharing my knowledge and experience on both IT and Business Development (lean startup experience) i can help startups become a company with a sustainable business model.