Niels Spee

Niels Spee

Executive Partner at MOVERUM BV

Startupbootcamp Commerce Amsterdam Mentor

After studying mechanical engineering and jazz conservatory I started out as a professional live musician and toured around Europe. What I learned is that no matter what kind of person you are, or where you’re from, everybody needs appreciation from other people in order to have enough energy and self confidence to function well and achieve things in life.
When I started to develop and leading the leadership training courses of our family company Moverum in 2006, I realised that leadership in a business environment is all about leading inter-human communication processes with a emotional currency existing mainly of appreciation. The more people take, the more shortage there will be. The more people give, the more abundance there will be.
Our mission is to make the world aware of this and give people the skills to handle these processes in favour of the whole instead of only themselves. And what is better to start with ambitious people who are at the start of their economical and social influence?
That’s why I’m honoured to to be a mentor at Startupbootcamp.

– Original leadership

– Entrepreneurship

– Stage performance

– Sales techniques