Nicolai Heineke

Nicolai Heineke

Deputy CFO at 3

Startupbootcamp Mobile Copenhagen Mentor

Nicolai Heineke is an experienced Business executive, specialized within the mobile and telecommunications industry. With more than a decade of experience in high tech business development, he spends his time developing and executing on effective commercial strategies. He is passionate about challenging the status quo, leading innovation process and bringing disruptive products and services to market. He also spends part of his free time guiding upcoming entrepreneurs as jury member in various start-up competitions and on advisory boards for new hopeful startups.

– Strategic Financial Management – value maximization, planning, strategy formulation, optimization, data analytics, decision support, performance management, reporting and evaluation

– Business Development – Market and business analysis, product and process economics, concept development and commercialization

– Operational Development – Process optimization, continuous improvement, knowledge work automation, outsourcing, partnering, functional turnaround and development

– Innovation Management – Idea incubation, knowledge dissemination, selection & prioritization, cross functional leadership