Nayan Parikh

Nayan Parikh

Director, Co-Founder, Owner at Monopol Pvt. Ltd.

Startupbootcamp FinTech Mumbai Mentor

Nayan is an angel investor with Mumbai Angels where he serves as a member on its Board.

He graduated with a Master degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor in 1982.

After graduation, he worked as a Computer Architect at Amdahl Corp. based in Sunnyvale, California where he was involved in the design of IBM compatible mainframes with virtual machine capabilities.

In 1985, he became an entrepreneur and co-founded Silicon Electronics based out of Mountain View, California which was involved in the marketing of semiconductors and personal computers using the toll free line, direct sales approach. In addition, he co-founded Perisol Technology in 1988 which designed and marketed storage solutions for the PC, PS2 and Mac markets. He successfully exited from both these companies in 1995 and returned to India.

In India, he managed Monopol Chemicals and Intec Polymers which developed and manufactured polymers, catalysts and surface coatings. He successfully exited from both these companies in 2005.

Since 2005, he has become an active value investor, managing a portfolio of both debt and equity investments. He has been an angel investor since 2010. Some of his notable investments are: We Are Holidays, Shephertz, BookMyCab and PickMe. In addition, he has become a Java Programmer since 2014.